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Andrew Hi to all the management and staff of Volam!

I am from Philippines and I'v e been playing these game for more than 2 years now. At first it was really hard to play it because I dont understand. But it was interesting to play it thats why I tried to learned I did. Some players dont believe that I am a foreigner because they usually ask me how could I play it becuase its all in Vietnamese. I use to have many accounts and Now I just have 3 accounts. One TVB which level is 163, VD with level of 143 and 119 which I just created one month ago. I spend a lot of money in these game but I dont mine because I love it.

Vinagame has done a lot of improvement to protect the gamers from those hackers, the management really did a great job, thank you for that! I just have some suggestions with the management.
Fighting is really fun, like LD, TK and other events but its getting boring because its the same all the time. I have spoken and I have a lot of friends playing Volam also and they have the same Idea and says they are getting bored playing it. I hate to see many players go and play another game because of these reason.

For me TK, LD, Dau Tau or quest and other things we can keep it. I just suggest we have something different. I dont know if its possible or not but if the Volam management can do it, I think it will add up spice in the game and make it more interesting to play.

I have some suggestions in mind that I would like to share with you.

1) More quest but not just getting items or killing monsters but something like to go to another map or place to find something. Its either you can go alone or by groups. The quest would take like hours to finish it because the map is big and to travel there is long. Along the way you can put some obstacles. like some monsters will attack you to prevent you from going further but offcourse it should be not that easy to make it more challenging. While your travelling if you die you will go back to the nearest town you came. So it means you shouldn't die so that you will not waste time. Its just some ideas I have maybe you can think to make it more similar and more interesting to play.

2) You can also have like a quest to save the princess or something, so the king will reward you some items or van who ever bring back the princess. Something like that which is different from what Volam is doing now.

3) Maybe we can also have some scary maps, hehehe I think that would be fun. People like to go adventure and scary things is quite intersting. This are just some samples that I have in mind.

If you need more ideas I would love to help you and talk with you about it. This game has hit Vietnam gamers and it has a lot more to offer to make it more interesting. I have some freinds who use to play Volam before but they get bored and played another game. So I hope that the management can consider it and I am willing to give some ideas to make this game more interesting.

Please send me your answers at my email address andrewgz2000@yahoo.com or you can call me also at my mobile phone 01239397565.

I will be waiting for your email. Good luck and wishing all the management and staff of Volam a Merry Christmas!!

Andrew Zapata

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